Quilts in the Mission Home

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  1. Chris P says:

    Lovely home and the quilts are so inviting. They really soften the walls. Hope you are finding your niche as a mission wife since they have to carve their own. I did medical, the monthly letter, all the cooking and cleaning, and help with the apartments and their needs. And of course the zone conferences and the hosting visitors and missionaries. Tiring but rewarding.

  2. Sung Turley says:

    Sister Lewis, I love your blog. My son relayed your site to us. What are lovely quilts you have! As I read your blog, I find we have several things in common other than dear Theodore Turley. Our nephew Nathan Turley is serving in Chile with your son Aaron. How exciting! Thank you for your service. We are looking forward to hearing about your mission.

  3. Martha Baker says:

    I am so thrilled to have found this blog that my missionary, Elder Alex Baker wrote me about. Here in Dallas the members and missionary’s moms have a huge Facebook page that is always sharing pictures and updates. Can’t express how excited I am to see pictures AND read about this wonderful new mission. I also have to say that I just love seeing that you are a quilter like me. I’m mailing Elder Baker’s quilt to him in a few weeks. I’ve been quilting for over 20 yrs and the one item that Elder Baker has asked for for an entire year leading up to his mission call was a quilt for him to have on his mission. I am so excited that the mission home and you will remind him of home. I always tell my students that if a quilt store or quilters do not treat you as family then you are around the wrong quilters 😊.
    Martha Baker

  4. Julie Knight says:

    I’m sure my daughter, Hermana Knight, will feel right at home when she arrives at the mission home, as her grandma makes many quilts, and we have them in every room of our house, too! I am just curious, who is the person or people who set up the mission home? (Make the purchase, furnish it, decorate it, etc.) It is a very beautiful home!

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