Millennials in the United States

Today in Relief Society we had a lesson on the importance of learning and continuing to learn.  As I listened to women, old and young, discuss the topic, I thought about the fascinating article below that we were given at the Seminar for New Mission Presidents last month.

It’s really amazing to consider how much the would has changed in just one generation. When I walk into a store like Best Buy or even Costco’s electronics area, I feel like I’m in a foreign land.  I grew up in a world without computers or hand-held devices.  We played with toys.  We wrote letters on paper and put them in a mail box.  We had 3 channels on our TVs and watched re-runs of Gilligan’s Island.  Our father’s had the same jobs their entire lives–my father was a farmer, like his father, like my great grandfathers all the way back.

This short summary of Millennials is amazing to me.  These are the young men and women we are working with here in Washington.  These are my own children.  These are our future.  It would serve us well to try to better understand their world.

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Millennials 1 Millennials 2 Millennials 3

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