Smells of Childhood

Smells of Childhood

I’d add a few more:

20. Grandma’s barn

21.  Swallowtail butterfly wings and tomato worms (that’s what we called the caterpillars that we plucked from the tomato vines)

22. Soup on the stove

23. Cinnamon rolls in the oven

24.  Ditch water

25.  Mini bike exhaust

26.  Shoe polish on Saturday evenings

27.  Dad’s shop, old grease and welding rods

28.  Raisins drying in the sun

29.  An orchard full of ripe plums

30.  Old Spice aftershave

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  1. Lori Weiss says:

    Ah, yes, I can remember most of those smells. I have to add Grandpa’s carpentry shop with the wood smell, and my Dad’s Dentyne gum.

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