Chile earthquake: massive 8.3 magnitude tremor strikes Santiago

2015-4-20 Claudio and Family

We just got this email from Aaron’s Mission President in Santiago:

You may have heard news reports this evening that there was an 8.3 earthquake in Chile this evening. The epicenter was approximately 3 hours north of Santiago off the coast of Chile. The quake and the aftershocks were felt here in Santiago. Although it was fairly strong, there is no damage in Santiago. We want to let you know that all our missionaries are safe and accounted for. If there are any additional developments of note we will advise you.

Presidente Cook
Misión Chile Santiago Sur
La Iglesia de Jesucristo de Los Santos de Los Últimos Días

Today was Aaron’s P-Day, so we received his weekly letter, written before the earthquake hit.  Here are his last words to us this morning.  We trust he is safe and will have many opportunities to help others in the coming weeks.

I’ve been able to realize in this time in Parque the blessings of serving others, particularly other missionaries. It could be the most minimal thing, but as we serve others and really become the servant as Christ has taught, we will be able to feel joy, which is the greatest of all.  As we serve God and others, we show our love for them, and God pours His blessings upon us. Thank you for all of your prayers and keep seeking miracles, because if ye look, ye shall find.    –Elder Lewis

2015-09-16  Earthquake

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