FOMO = Fear Of Missing Out


Elder David E. Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles said:

Much has been said about how “fear of missing out”—or FOMO as it is often referred to—can make it difficult for us to appreciate our current circumstances and environments. This is especially true as people tend to share only the best parts of their family lives and careers with us on social media. I invite you to embrace what the Lord has blessed you with and to act in faith. Do not take counsel from your fears.

To not take counsel from our fears simply means that we do not permit fear and uncertainty to determine our course in life, to affect negatively our attitudes and behavior, to influence improperly our important decisions, or to divert or distract us from all in this world that is virtuous, lovely, or of good report.

To not take counsel from our fears means that faith in the Lord Jesus Christ overrules our fears and that we press forward with a steadfastness in Him.

To not take counsel from our fears means that we trust in God’s guidance, assurance, and timing in our lives.

I promise each of us can and will be blessed with direction, protection, and lasting joy as we learn to not take counsel from our fears.

It was one year ago this week that we received a phone call from Elder Bednar’s office asking us to come meet with him.  In that meeting we were asked to consider leaving everything and everyone we loved to step away for three years.  Just like that.  So many thoughts raced through my mind that day.  I suppose I was feeling FOMO, wondering how to leave my children, my DfG world, my Family History Students and my home filled with fabric and quilts and books and things I love having around me.

Now, a year later, we are in Washington, learning how little we really need to be happy. We may be missing out on some things, but we are in the middle of other things that bring us great joy.  I traded my kitchen window view of Mt. Timpanogos for views of mountains like Mt. Hood pictured above.  I’ve traded many things I love there for other things here.

One of the greatest lessons I’m learning is that there are very few things in life that are really All That Important.  The most important thing for me is centering my life on Jesus Christ and learning to do what I can to be like Him, and love as He loved.  Period.

It’s really very simple.  Sometimes I hold a beautiful fragrant apple in my hands and wonder at the simplicity of it.  Perfect form, perfect color, perfect flavor and fragrance.  And it has the potential to multiply into more apple trees.  It is a magnificent creation, as we are.  I just want to be good, like an apple.

I’m not really missing out on anything I can’t live without.

Apples in a basket

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