Happy Birthday John Dean Lewis b. 22 Oct 1916

Lewis, John & Peggy in gardenToday is the birthday of John’s father, Grandpa John Dean Lewis.  He would have been 99 years old today!  Here is a little bio written about Grandpa John by one of his children:

John was athletic, loving to play baseball, basketball, golf and tennis. In his later years he loved to watch college and professional sports, but would often become so upset or anxious that he would lose sleep. He was asked to emcee many events over his adult life. Fear and shyness were not a part of his make-up.
He loved his wife and nine children. He was always dreaming-up new projects and losing sleep over them, until they were completed. He was an accountant, receiving his Bachelors Degree from BYU, and working on his Master’s at the University of Southern California. He loved music, playing the guitar and singing. He also loved to dance, especially to ’40’s music.

My favorite memories of Grandpa John are of him down in the basement with at least 2 TVs playing football or golf tournaments at the same time, and a remote control in each hand.  He’d take turns muting one, then the other.  I never knew you could watch TV like that!  I don’t think I’d ever even seen my own father watch a sporting event on TV.  I was always amazed at how he kept track of every televised athletic event.

I also enjoyed his wardrobe.  He often wore a gold LA Lakers jacket, white shoes, and often a baseball cap.  He had dozens of them.  Nothing ever matched or made sense, but it suited him perfectly as he puttered about working on projects.  He was good with duct tape and WD-40.  And he loved a good meal, usually exclaiming that that was the best he’d ever eaten.  We miss Grandpa John.

Here are a few favorite photos of him:

John, Peggy, and Christine Lewislewis photos002  Lewis, John & Peggy Lewis, John & Peggy Nauvoo Mission

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