I’m Thankful my children are safe

At the top of my list of Thanksgiving blessings today is gratitude for my children, who are safe, healthy and happy.  This photo and update came from Aaron in Santiago Chile yesterday as we were preparing for Thanksgiving today:2015-11-25 Soccer cup.JPGSunday was an interesting day.  Elder Faber and Elder Noriega walked into church with pale faces.  They quickly told me in english that there was a armed drug-dealer in the bathroom.  That got my heart pounding haha.  So i stayed downstairs (2 floor chapel) talking to the guy with Elder Noriega while Elder Lopez and Faber went to get him food, as he had asked, and the Bishop.  We just kinda talked small talk….he had no problem telling us that last week he had killed two people and it was obvious that he was on drugs.  I was kinda really nervous because every time somebody walked past him, he would but his hand on his gun…..after like 20 minutes of talking, the Bishop came down with Hermano Belmar, and the 5 of us went into his office and talked to the guy for about an hour.  All he wanted was to be with God and repent.  It was really sad.  But i´m glad that nothing happened! After he was done venting, he left calmly.  He said that he will come back next sunday, so i´ll keep you updated on our new progressing investigator 😉 hahhaha

Damascus GateClaire is in the Galilee this week, walking where Jesus once walked.  Much of this last month, they’ve been in lock down in Jerusalem because of the terrorist activity there.  They did take a few field trips to Turkey and to Petra, and now this week are up in the Galilee.  I’m grateful she’s safe and happy and out seeing parts of the world where significant things happened.  I feel her world and her heart expanding and am grateful for that.Claire  Petra (3)IMG_1241

Adam and Heidi are studying and preparing for finals.  I think they’re pretty safe, tucked away with their books and in their labs.  I pray they’ll both do well on their exams in a couple more weeks.

Today am grateful for our children who are each doing wonderful things in hard places.  They have grit and goodness and desires to serve and make the world a better place.Adam & Heidi Newport 2014

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