Missionary Mail at Christmas Time!

2015-12-14 Office CMS (8)On Mondays we go to the Mission Office for meetings.  As we pulled up this morning, the mail truck was almost empty.  It took an entire truck to deliver today’s mail for our missionaries!  Ane we are still 10 days from Christmas!  I wanted to cry.  Take a look below and see what I saw today.

Our missionaries leave their homes for 18 months or 2 years, of their own choice, they pay their way, they leave homes and families they love.  They only get 2 phone calls home a year–Christmas and Mother’s Day.  And they are only allowed to write home once a week.  Every day they go out to share a wonderful message about Jesus Christ and his gospel as it has been restored in its fullness.

These missionaries are loved by all.  Here is evidence:2015-12-14 Office CMS (2).JPG2015-12-14 Office CMS (11)2015-12-14 Office CMS (17)2015-12-14 Office CMS (12)2015-12-14 Office CMS (10)2015-12-14 Office CMS (21)2015-12-14 Office CMS (9)2015-12-14 Office CMS (6)

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