Aaron’s Christmas in Yakima

2015-12-29  Aaron is Home (105)We came home from the airport to a holiday feast and cold milk!  Aaron drank about a gallon this evening!   Thanks, Adam, for the lovely salad mouth.2015-12-29  Aaron is Home (107)Two years of life, two suitcases.  His clothes and shoes were worn and left behind.  He brought home a few treasures to remember his friends by, 3 filled journals, scriptures in Spanish and English, well-marked and well-loved and a few soccer jerseys.  2015-12-29  Aaron is Home (108)Aaron had so much fun being Santa and giving us each something special from Chile.2015-12-29  Aaron is Home (109)Gifts for me included a traditional soup bowl, a Chilean Nativity and a beautiful lapiz necklace.  Claire got a carved incense box.  She and Heidi also a necklaces.  Adam got a soccer jersey and some favorite Chilean treats.  Dad got new scripture covers, hand designed.2015-12-29  Aaron is Home (112)2015-12-29  Aaron is Home (113)Then Aaron opened his waiting Christmas stocking filled with a few back-to-school gifts and treats.2015-12-29  Aaron is Home (114)2015-12-29  Aaron is Home (115)What fun to be together again!  We have the best family ever and we’ve been scattered around the world for a long time.  Tonight was like heaven.2015-12-29  Aaron is Home (118)  2015-12-29  Aaron is Home (116)2015-12-29  Aaron is Home (121)

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