What a different life I’m living right now compared to one year ago!  I am grateful to each of you who have contributed to the good and eased the hard and enhanced the joy along the way.  Thank you.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Happy for you. It is so much more obvious there that most you meet daily could be being prepared for the gospel… In dreams, hardships, situations, questions, nagging wondering. It’s really the same in Logan, but many we know prefer to remain in a memory of 40 years ago. A memory that when prophets spoke of sharing the gospel, it didn’t, it couldn’t have been meant for them. They were words for someone else, other members living in the “mission field”, Some prefer to live safely within the warm blanket of familiar friends, unable to be used as a tool by God for his children he works so hard to prepare. It doesn’t matter if they are wondering and ready, too few hands are set to nurture let alone harvest. THIS is the time of your life, so regularly able to observe and hear “I am clean! I am clean!. I can’t believe it I am clean!” We pray for John and Anne and your wonderful partners in the work.

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