Farewell to the Children

2016-1-2 Lewis Family (10).JPGYesterday after a bit of cross country skiing and some fabulous burgers at Miner’s in Yakima, Adam and Heidi and Claire got in the big car and drove away from us.  My heart was breaking as they laughed together and talked about school starting Monday.  Then this morning after church, we took Aaron to the airport to send him home.   For a few glorious days, we were a family, together again.  Now we are all in different places.

I have a mother’s heart, and I know John was feeling it too.  We are realizing that our little family will probably never really live together again.  Just considering that thought makes me tear up.  I love these kids.  I have to keep telling myself that our family will grow as time goes by, and that we will add goodness and love as we did when Heidi joined us two years ago.  It’s just hard right now to send them away.2016-1-3 Aaron Airport (5)2016-1-3 Aaron Airport (1) 2016-1-3 Aaron Airport (3)2016-1-3 Aaron Airport (7)The snow fell all day today, adding to the quiet sadness we felt as the kids moved away from us and we went back to our work.  It’s been a wonderful Christmas.  We love our kids.2016-1-3 Aaron Airport (9)

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