I am 57 today. . .

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Things are off to a good start.  I know there are many years ahead, but I am already feeling a bit stressed about how few years there are ahead.  I remember once hearing a dear older friend lament that he no longer had the luxury of time to read a book more than once.  There is work to be done and we are not getting any younger.  Sometimes I feel like it’s a race to the end and I hope I finish all I need to do before crossing the finish line.

I’m so grateful for such good company all around me, every day, every year.  We are all in this together.2016-1-5 Ann's Birthday (1).JPGWent do dinner tonight with these friends who arrived first and told the waitress they would be celebrating my 75th birthday.  They prepared her by saying I didn’t look my age at all.  Made me smile!

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  1. Happy Birthday to one of the most remarkable women I know. I will do 57 acts of kindness in honor of your birthday! (They may not all happen in one day, however:). Love always, Susan

  2. Dixie Baker says:

    Dear Ann,
    I am 68 and have been feeling this “time crunch” for several years. It seems that there is no time for fritterin’. I am very conscious of prioritizing and hope I accomplish the most important things. I have a new appreciation for just how abruptly this life can end.

  3. zorns says:


  4. Julie Merkley says:

    When you are almost 65 like I will be in 2 months it feels even shorter. There is still so much to do.

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