Happy Birthday Leslie Nielson Laemmlen!

Combs, Rocco b. Sept 2015My sister-in-law, Leslie and I almost share a birthday.  She came to earth 5 days after I arrived in 1959.  Leslie married my older brother, Paul 26 August 1982.  They have 3 beautiful children, Riana b. 1985, Janelle b. 1989, and Daniel b. 1994.

I love being related to Leslie.  She is the queen of many things, including pie making, trip planning and gardening.  Leslie is known for her pies, especially her fruit pies.  She freezes berries, apricots in season and makes pies year round.  Our birthday gifts are usually delicious pies.  Leslie has a huge collection of recipes and is always trying something new and yummy.

She loves to travel almost as much as she loves planning to travel!  Leslie could put Rick Steves out of business if she wanted to.  She should be a travel agent.  Leslie can plan a trip to the minutest detail, with places to stay and sites to see and things to do every hour of every day.  She takes family vacations very seriously.

Leslie and Paul have a fabulous garden every year.  They could pretty much survive off what they produce every summer and fall.  She and Paul have gardening down to a science of what they need and how much to grow.  And Leslie turns that produce into amazing dishes year-round.  Leslie is amazing in the kitchen and loves to plan and organize family gatherings and meals.

Leslie and Paul have raised their family in Reedley, CA and Cedar Hills, UT. Paul is the founder and genius behind Stealthgear, USA.  He keeps people who carry guns safe.  This amazing company started in his basement and now is world-renowned.

Leslie is the first in our generation of family to became a new Grandma! Riana, who is married to Ryan Coombs, birthed a beautiful baby boy named Rocco on 18 September 2015 in Queens, New York.Laemmlen, Paul & Leslie 2015-8Here are Paul and Leslie and their family.Coombs, Riana & Ryan Dec 2015Laemmlen, Janelle & Riana 2012Laemmlen, Daniel 2015-3Laemmlen, Paul Family 2015-12

Here is Leslie’s FAMOUS pie crust recipe.  You’ll want to try it.  (Not sure yet why these turned sideways when I inserted them here. . . )

Leslie Laemmlen's Pie Crust Recipe (1)  Leslie Laemmlen's Pie Crust Recipe (2)

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  1. Leslie Laemmlen says:

    Ann – How sweet that you wrote something about me today–I’m so honored! We sure are missing you guys, especially around the holidays! Thanks goodness we had Riana, Ryan, and Rocco to take our minds off the fact you’re not here. It was so great to see your kids at Barb’s last Sunday and again on Wednesday with Elly & family. Hope all is going well in Yakima! Love you guys!

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