Adam Makes Mom Proud

2016-1-18 BYU (1)Here are my friends at BYU, on this Martin Luther King Day, helping with a big Days for Girls Event.  Sometimes I miss this so much my heart aches to the core, but today I felt happy because Adam was there to help in my place.  In 2 hours he and his buddy, Jared (below) put snaps on 600 shields!!  We are grateful to all the BYU students who came to help and who are spreading the word about Days for Girls.2016-1-18 BYU (1)What a perfect way to spend this MLK Day!2016-1-18 BYU (3)2016-1-18 BYU (2)

To celebrate here in Yakima, I went out and bought some fabric, rotary cutters, blades and pins.  Found some great sales.  We are preparing for a big event March 5th in Royal.  ONE THOUSAND youth will be doing a DfG project at their Youth Conference.  The fun here has begun!2016-1-18  (7)

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  1. Christine Chappell says:

    I top stitched 300 shields today and thought of you! Lily was very happy to help me. She counted them and put them into stacks of ten.

  2. So great to hear from you, Christine! I miss you. Heading to Moses Lake this week. I love being near your family. They remind me of you. Thanks for the shields! You continue to amaze me. Thank you. Thank Lily too. She’ll be so grown up when I come home.
    We were just asked to do the service project for a multi-stake youth conference in Royal in March. 1000 kids coming!! I’m scrambling to get enough work prepped. Lots of helpers here. Please tell your mom hi for me. I miss you all. Ann

  3. Scott Worthington says:

    I there any way to obtain a copy of your ~13-minute youtube video to show at a shield stitching event so volunteers can get this background information? Bandwidth in the building doesn’t lend itself well to streaming from youtube.

    There are some links in this newsletter. Are they easier to access?? There’s also a link to a 30 min slideshow of girls receiving kits that’s fun to show off to the side as people work.

    • Scott Worthington says:

      The full story link is the one we are interested in, but it links to youtube which doesn’t allow downloads. We can try to stream from youtube in in the building we will be using, but there will be three rooms going at once, and the bandwith in the building isn’t good. The slide show also sounds like it would be good to show. I looked for the link, but couldn’t seem to locate it. If you don’t have another way for us to access your full story video, I think we can make do. Please don’t take too much time on this. Just wondered if there was another way to access the video.

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