Maria Bushman b. 21 Jan 1829, d. 5 Feb 1829, Bart, Lancaster, PA

Jacob Bushman’s parents, Martin Bushman and Elizabeth Degen were married on 20 March 1827 in Bart, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  Their first son, Henry was born 11 December 1827 in Bart.  He died 3 months later on 20 March 1828.  Their second child, Maria (named perhaps after Elizabeth’s mother, Anna Maria Graff) was born on 21 January 1829 in Bart.  She lived only 15 days, slipping away on 5 February 1829.

Jacob was their next child, born on 27 July 1830 in Lampeter, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  We are all grateful he survived, or we would not be here!

Let us not forget those who went before and were here only briefly.  They are part of our Bushman family and the day will come when we will all be reunited.

Here is an entry in Frank Esshom’s classic collection of Utah’s pioneers published in 1912. Family records give Maria’s birth as 21 January 1829.  Here her birth is listed as 31 January 1829.

Bushman, PPMU p. 785

Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah cover page

Here is a map of Bart Township where these children were born.

You can learn more about this area here:  Bart Township

Below is a meeting house in Bart that would have been standing when Henry and Maria were born.  Perhaps the family attended this church.Bart Friends Meeting House built 1825Bart_1858_web

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