Mary Ann Pain Holt Barker died 100 Years ago Today

Holt, Mary Ann b. 1840 portrait

This is my 2nd Great-Grandma, Mary Ann.  Today is the 100 year anniversary of her death.

Taken from the Pleasant View Book found in FHL in SLC:  Historical notes of Mary Ann Holt Barker as given by herself from memory to Vincy R. Barker.

March 8,, 1915.–My father James Holt was born in Tennessee Feb 10, 1804. [This wrong-he was born in North Carolina.] He was a very large man, raw boned, light complected but gray ever since I can remember. My mother was Mary Payne of their ancestors I know nothing.

I was born in Johnson Co., Ill. Jan 11th 1840. We lived at Nauvoo Ill. all the time of the martyrdom of the Prophet-Joseph Smith. The only relative I remember seeing was Mothers sister Nancy, who married John ( ) At the time of the martyrdom, father was out on a mission. He said to one of his companions “Boys the next word we get will be that the Prophet is dead or taken.” The word came he had been killed and all the missionaries were immediately called in.

After this we started west and stayed at an Indian Ford called Punkaw before we got to Iowa. Stayed about a year in another place. I don’t know the name. My mother died whole we were traveling and they cut down a large tree and hewed out a coffin with an adze and burried her between the bank of the Miss. or Ohio river under a large tree thinking the wolves would be less likely to dig her up there than if they left her in the open.

The children were George Washington died in infancy. William, Mary Ann, myself. Leander died when 4 or 5 years old. Sarah Ann, died in infancy and John died on the road before we got to the big river Miss. and was burried in a coffin made of bark from the trees.

Father soon married again to have some one to help care for us children. This wife was Parthenia Overton about 25 years old. She had no people except a sister-in-law in the company. Their children were according to my memory. Overton died in infancy, Nancy, William, Franklin and Rachel who Oct 6, 1874 married George Thomas Cottam now living at St. George, Utah. See “Pioneers of Utah” and George A. born below Salt Lake City, Utah at time of move South and Henry born in Southern Utah 12 years old in Jan.

We arrived in Utah October 24-1851 the last company of emigrants for the season arrived in Salt Lake City. This was undoubtedly the company they came in.

We came through Weber Canyon to Ogden. Stopped at night at Faris Fort at Armstead Moffits home. Within a few days went to North Ogden Weber Co. Utah. Father bought his first home there of Asaph Rice we lived there for years till Father sold out and went to St. George, Utah (or near there) where he lived till he died of a stroke when about 90 years old. This occurred about 15 miles north of St. George. He was always a hearty man untill his stroke.

I was married when sixteen years old to William Barker before Father moved away so was not associated with him much after he went South and having nothing written know very little of the family but some of the Holts live in Big Horn, Wyo. Some of the boys married into Amos Hunts family. I think George A. married Nancy Hunt.

My husband and I lived first at North Ogden, Weber Co. where our first child was born, then moved to Mound Fort Ward Ogden, Weber Co. lived there untill after Albert was born, then back to North Ogden where we lived till the spring of 1866 coming back to Mound Fort and moving into Ambrose Shaws house at the corner of 12th and Washington Ave.

At the time of the Smallpox epidemic we moved down below the mound where we made our home until we sold out to James Iverson and moved to Pleasant View, Weber Co. where my husband died and I now reside there alone.

Holt, Mary Ann Pain b. 1840    Holt, Mary Ann Pain b. 1840 candid

My children are all married Harriet Smuin living at Rexburg, Idaho. LeRoy living at Pleasant View, Weber Co., Utah. Geroge Franklin living at Ogden, Weber Co, Utah and Amy Johns living at Sugar City, Idaho. Sarah Ellen Taylor lives at Mound Fort, Weber Co., Utah and Lenora Farley at Ogden, Weber Co. Utah.

Obituary from the The Ogden Standard/Examiner 23 Feb 1916: Mrs. Mary Ann Barker died last night at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Sarah E. Taylor, 84_, Washington avenue, of lobar pheumonia. She had been in failing health about a year, but waas only confined to her bed about eight days. Mrs. Barker was born in Johnson county, Illinois, January 11, 1840, the daughter of James and Mary T. Holt. She came to Utah in 1852, crossing the plains with an ox team. In 1857, she was wedded to William Barker, who died in 1904. Since his death, the widow had lived in North Ogden, Ogden and Pleasant View.

The pioneer was widely known through her work in the Mormon church relief society. She is survived by the following children: Mrs. Harriet m. Smuin, Rexburg, Idaho; Mrs Lenora Farley, Mrs Sarah E. Taylor and George F. Baarker of Ogden; LeRoy Barker, pleasant View, and Mrs. Amy Johns Bridge, idaho. She is also survived by 46 grandchildren. 1_great-grandchildren and the following brothers; Willliam, Frank, George and Henry Holt, of St. George, Utah. The body was taken to the Lindquist mortuary and the funeral announcements will be made later.


Holt, Mary Ann b. 1840 headstoneHolt, Mary Ann m. Barker, b. 1840 Headstone back, Ogden

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