A Full Heart

I take a lot of pictures every day to document our missionary life in the Washington Yakima Mission.  I love taking pictures of happy missionaries.  At the end of every day I come home and download the photos from my phone or camera and I write about them on our mission blog.  But mostly I stare at the faces I have come to love like my own children.  I can look at these faces for hours, as I wonder about each missionary–I wonder what miracles brought them here, I wonder what they think about at night, I wonder what they love at home and miss, and I wonder how their moms are getting along without them.

I love visiting with each, feeling the warmth of handshakes from the Elders and hugs from the Sisters.  I love hearing about everyone they are finding and teaching and how those good people are progressing.  I love learning about what they are reading and understanding more clearly in the scriptures.  I love hearing them speak of the attributes of Christ they are trying to develop.  I love knowing that my future will be in their hands.  It’s really quite overwhelming, the feelings I have for these missionaries.


Here’s a look at the missionaries who came to our home today:

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