Jacob Bushman b. 27 July 1830, Lampeter, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

West_Lampeter_FarmThis is the farm country in West Lampeter, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, near where my 2nd Great-Grandpa, Jacob Bushman was born on this day in 1830.

Here is some information about the Bushman family in Lancaster County:

In the spring of 1840 two elders, Elisha H. Davis and H. Dean, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, came to preach the Gospel in Lancaster County. Both Martin and his wife, Elizabeth, were of a strongly religious nature and investigated the new doctrine whole heartedly, were convinced of its truth, and were baptized. In spite of criticism and ostracism by relatives and friends in Lancaster County, they grew in faith and were filled with the spirit of gathering in Nauvoo, Illinois with the rest of the members of this faith. It is probable that they would have made the thousand mile trip to Nauvoo in 1840, but circumstances prevented this. Their aged parents were without a home of their own, and Martin spent the fall and winter in building one for them. Also they were expecting the birth of their son, Martin Benjamin, and with more time they had hoped to sell their property to a better advantage.

The property was finally sold at a great sacrifice, and provided little more than a team and wagon and the necessary provisions for the thousand mile trip with a family of six. When they arrived in Nauvoo, they found the city crowded with new converts and it was hard to find a place to live. However, they soon found their old friend, Bishop Edward Hunter, who was also of Pennsylvania Dutch descent. The Bishop immediately fixed up and rented to the Bushmans the upstairs apartment of his house. He also rented to Martin his farm which was just east of Nauvoo. Martin’s harvests were excellent in spite of the fact that he and his son Jacob spent every tenth day to work on the Temple which was being built in Nauvoo at this time. Soon after their arrival, they met the Prophet Joseph and his brother, Patriarch Hyrum Smith who gave them a hearty welcome to the community. On 12 March 1843, the Patriarch ordained Martin to the office of High Priest and also gave he and his wife Elizabeth a Patriarchal Blessing. The promises and blessings contained therein have extended to us their posterity.

Jacob Bushman

Jacob Bushman

This biography of Martin Bushman and Elizabeth Degen is taken from The Bushman Family History, compiled 1956 by Newbern I. Butt for the Bushman Family History Committee, pp. 12-15). Additions by second great grandson Elden L. Stewart . (Written by Elden L. Stewart; retyped and submitted by Ella Mae [Turley] Judd. )

The full name and particulars of the book: The Bushman Family: Originally of Pennsylvania and the Rocky Mountain States by Newbern Butt, main author. Its Family History Library call number is 929.273 B964bn. It is located in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building Family History Book Section. It is also on microfilm, FHL 896926, item 5. (In the main library located in the FHL US/CAN Film section.)

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  1. dmarkwa says:

    If I have this right, two blocks north and two blocks east of the temple block was the home of Isaac Chase my great-great-great Grandfather. The Chase family, originally from Rhode Island, moved to Mass, then Rutland Vermont, then Livingston, Canandaugya, NY. Listened to the missionaries, joined the new faith, stayed in NY with other members moved west. Later they moved from NY to Nauvoo. Our ancestors must have known one another. Perhaps they worked on the temple together. John will appreciate that Isaac was much quieter and more gentle than his great great great grandson. 😉

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