Yakima Days for Girls kits find homes in Haiti!

2016-8-24 Haiti (1)These photos and reports from Haiti arrived today.  I’m feeling so happy.  The goodness spreads.  These girls have been trained to distribute kits to other girls their ages.  This week more than 150 kits are finding homes in Haiti.  These kits were made here in Yakima.

One of our Sister Missionaries, Priscila Leyva (in the pink) traveled with Ashlee Allred and a humanitarian group from Royal City.  She and other LDS young women are distributing kits there.  They’ve been having wonderful experiences and are already talking about their future trips and where the next kits will go.  I am grateful for all the volunteers who are helping us change lives.2016-8-24 Haiti (1)2016-8-24 Haiti (2)2016-8-21 Haiti distribution 12016-8-21 Haiti distribution2016-8-22 Haiti  (2)2016-8-22 Haiti  (3)

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