After Love, Then What?

Jesus helping

There is a prophet of God on the earth today just like in olden times.  He speaks to us and helps us to see things more clearly.  He tells us that “love is the very essence of the gospel.” Jesus said the same, calling it “the first and great commandment” that every other particle of the law and all of the words of the prophets hang on.

This month’s message from our church leaders asks, “What comes after love?”  President Uchtdorf says, “The answer to the question “After love, then what?” can be simple and straightforward.  If we truly love the Savior, we incline our hearts to Him and then we walk in the path of discipleship.  When we love God, we will strive to keep His commandments.  If we truly love our fellowmen, we extend ourselves to help ‘the poor and the needy, the sick and the afflicted.’  For they who do these selfless acts of compassion and service, the same are disciples of Jesus Christ.  This is what comes after love.  This is the essence of the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

I can’t stop thinking about this.  Sometimes I stop with love, and do not get to what comes after love.  And sometimes I am kind without love. I am going to try harder to be better and to do more.

Art credit:  Detail from He Healed Many, by J. Kirk Richards, courtesy of Illume Gallery

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