2016-10-26-ward-halloween-party-orem-1Claire and Graham  decided to dress up as John and me for the ward Harvest/Halloween Social this week.  They raided our closets and found our clothes and became us for the evening.  It’s pretty funny because they do look just like us minus 25 years or so!  They even took a pot of soup, my signature offering.  Well done, kids!2016-10-26-ward-halloween-party-orem-22016-10-26-ward-halloween-party-orem-52016-10-26-ward-halloween-party-orem-62016-10-26-ward-halloween-party-orem-7The comments from neighbors and friends about these Imposter Children:were pretty fun too:

Debbie Hadlock Stahmann This has made me laugh all evening! One of the best costumes of the night.

Ana Maria Atkinson: Love this!!! Ha ha!!!

Erin Allred Pike: Hahaha-that is funny!

Merry Beck: Haha

Beth Whitaker: Totally had to do a double take!!

Elly Alvarado: That is so funny!

Paige Lott:  Hahaha oh my gosh these are amazing!!

Stephanie Hofeling: Oh, my goodness!

Katie Wakimoto: Oh my gosh this is magnificent

Emily Schramm: Haha OH MY GOSH! This is the best

Janelle Laemmlen: Hahah this is amazing

Riana Coombs: I can’t stop looking at these! So funny!
You needed to get a shot of Graham scratching his head/hair.

Julie Merkley: We all did a double take. They even acted like you several years ago. It was so fun.

Michaelisa Christensen: Very clever!!

Tami Fitzgerald Harris: Love it!

Tami Frame Lemon: Hillarious! I recognized John’s outfit before i recognized “you” haha. He wore that EXACT outfit, sans the shoes and socks, when we met him on our front porch 22 years ago this month! So Clever!!?

Alex Allred: Are they Ann and John??? ?????? ah hahaha nailed it

Angela Wilkinson Wach: Best costumes ever!!

Steve Call: That is amazing. How did Claire ever straighten her hair?

Wyatt Allred: Wait. This is incredible.

Julie Cline Mattingly: That is hilarious !!!!

Debby Call: Wow these imposters are good – real good. They’re so good they might try to move into your house and take over or something ??

Julie Treadwell: That is hysterical! I hope the ward “got it”. Touche Claire and Graham.

Christie Haggenmacher Lewis: Okay…this is hilarious!

Angela Petersen Cottrell: Several minutes before I stopped laughing!!

Carolyn Blosil: That was such a clever idea because Claire looks so much like you with her hair straightened and in a pony tail. That’s why the bottom right photo is so ‘perfect’!

Martha Wall Hansen: This is truly spooky!! Ann has been cloned!! Haha!!!!

Bradley Ferguson: This is great!

Taylor Holden: It it so crazy how identical she looks to you. 😀

Stephanie Maez Hilbun: The poses and outfits are perfect! They look JUST like you guys ??

Mary Kay Ware: Every time Claire would get in my visual field, my brain would automatically think–Ann’s here?! She was perfect! They were the best imposters!

Denice Lytle Roney: That is just hilarious! Well done kids well done.

Lindy J Taylor: WOWWW! I totally was fooled for Ann for a moment.

Madeline Beeton: That is amazing!

Cesar Moreno: Well done!

JaLee Jackson Clarke: Creatively brilliant! I remember that couple….that t-shirt

James W Thompson: Hey President & Sis Lewis.. how did you get permission to go home for a ward Halloween party?

Chuck Wach: Howdy neighbors. You haven’t aged a bit.

Michelle Falco: Funny!!

Christine F Garrett: Yes, I thought it was you and John !!

Laura Hawkes Hill: This is too good!

Elizabeth Manning McCombs: Isn’t imitation the sincerest form of flattery????

And here is our little Santa munchkin with Heidi:2016-10-26-ward-halloween-party-orem-3

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