Moving Day

Moving Day

It’s beginning.  My peeps are beginning to fly.  Today Claire and Graham drove away from our Orem home in a U-Haul filled with everything they own.  They are moving to Rock Springs, Wyoming, where they will begin living their own lives away from ours.

Every time I see a moving van or truck, I get emotional and think of this song by our favorite Story Teller, Bill Harley.  I haven’t moved many times in my life.  I grew up on a farm.  Farmers don’t move.  But I moved to college.  I moved to Israel.  I moved to South Africa.  I moved to Nigeria and then Salt Lake, and then Orem, with quite a few apartment moves in between.  Then two years ago we moved to Washington.  Leaving a place is always hard for someone like me.  I love the history of places and the memories those places hold.  It’s hard for me to move away from those memories.   I like keeping memories close.  I suppose that’s one of the reasons why I write.

This tender children’s song captures the emotion of Moving Day perfectly.

Moving Day
©Bill Harley, All rights reserved

Listen to it here.  Makes me cry every time.

Car’s full,
Trunks packed –
Stuff on the roof rack.
Mom says
We leave soon.
Last time
In my room.
One last look out my window –
The yard, the street,
the place I know.
I go, they stay –
It’s moving day.

Here’s where
My bed stood.
Floors made
Of old wood.
Mom left
The light on
Walls marked
With crayon.
The door I slammed when I was mad.
The place I cried when I was sad.
I go, they stay
It’s moving day.

When I grow up, I might come back
To this place again.
If I find some kids live here
I’ll tell them who I am.

“Let’s go,” Dad calls
I guess that’s all
Goodbye house,
Goodbye room
I won’t be back soon
Down the steps,
Out the front door
Now I don’t live here
Part of my heart stays
On moving day.

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2 Responses to Moving Day

  1. Rochelle Enderton says:

    I love this. We leave a piece of ourselves everywhere we go. And one of the true blessings of the gospel is feeling at home almost the minute we get anywhere. Best wishes to Claire and Graham on their new adventure!

  2. Dixie says:

    Oh, Ann, I remember you sharing the words to this song before. It’s an exciting time for your children.

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