A Visit from Roger & Jeanne Minert

2017-7-21 Whistlin Pete's with McBeans (52)

This morning we stopped at Johnson’s Fruit Stand for delicious cherries, apricots, plumcots and peaches.  I love the feel of this family fruit farm.  We also picked up a warm cherry pie and some oatmeal pear cookies, our favorites!  We had company coming!2017-7-17 Monday Office (7).JPG2017-7-21 Whistlin Pete's with McBeans (47)2017-7-21 Whistlin Pete's with McBeans (50)

This evening our guests arrived–Roger and Jeanne Minert from Orem and her sister, Lori and husband Oscar from Kennewick.  We had a wonderful evening visiting, and catching up on things at home and in the world out there.2017-7-21 zMinerts Visit (1)

In September of 2003 I registered for a German paleography class at BYU.  Roger was my professor.  That was the beginning of a huge shift in my world.  Roger taught me how to read old German handwriting, opening to me the world of my ancestors.

I went on to take every class Roger taught at BYU, and I became a full time student for the next 10 years, studying primarily Family History and Church History, but also German, and all sorts of Religion classes.  My world grew in ways I never could have imagined!  I owe much of the Family History world I live in to Roger Minert.

In 2009 John and I traveled to Berlin, Zwickau, Poland, Nurmberg, Auschwitz, Birkenau and throughout Germany with Roger and Jeanne.  He went with me to meet with the archivists and town historians in my ancestral home town in Grossgartach.  I am not the same because of what he has taught me and helped me to do.  We had a great reunion.

2017-7-21 zMinerts Visit (4)Roger brought me a copy of his latest publication:2017-7-21 zMinerts Visit.JPG2017-7-21 zMinerts Visit (8)2017-7-21 zMinerts Visit (16)2017-7-21 zMinerts Visit (19)

It was a pretty perfect evening.  I stayed up late looking at German records, just because I know how.  I’m so grateful for that!

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