Grace Laemmlen, teaching at Washington School in Leitersberg, Maryland 1955-1956

Washington School Maryland123

My mother, Grace Laemmlen, was a school teacher.  After she and my dad married in June 1954, they traveled to Hagerstown, Maryland where my dad served for two years as the administrator of the hospital at Brook Lane Farm.  As a Mennonite, he was a conscientious objector and this was part of his 2 year voluntary service.   My mother found this teaching position nearby in Leitersburg at the Washington School.

Washington School Maryland MAP

Here are some wonderful photos of my mom and her school room and the beautiful children she taught.Washington School Maryland121Washington School Maryland138Washington School Maryland118Washington School Maryland119Washington School Maryland120

My mother had perfect penmanship.  Washington School Maryland124Washington School Maryland125Washington School Maryland127Washington School Maryland128Washington School Maryland129

The Pigley-Wigley StoreWashington School Maryland132Washington School Maryland135

I love these three class pictures.  They give me a feel for the wiggly children mom taught!Washington School Maryland130Washington School Maryland134Washington School Maryland139

Here are a few newspaper articles that mention mom as a teacher in Leitersburg in 1955/1956:

Laemmlen, Grace Hagerstown teacher 27 Jan 1956Laemmlen, Grace Hagerstown teacher Hopi Indians 1956 1Laemmlen, Grace Hagerstown teacher Hopi Indians 1956 2

Here is a look at the Washington School back then:

Washington School Maryland126Washington School Maryland140Washington School Maryland136Washington School Maryland131

Today this beautiful school is a well-known haunted house, having been abandoned long ago by school children.  How much better to hear happy children’s voices in the hallways, than frightened ones.Leitersburg School 2

I loved growing up with a mom who was a school teacher.  She taught me to read before I went to Kindergarten.  When I was older I loved helping her set up her classroom every year before school started.  She taught 3rd grade for years in Orange Cove, California at the Sheridan Elementary School.  Then for several years she supervised student teachers for Pacific College in Fresno.  She was a wonderful teacher and a mentor for teachers.

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