1,280 Days for Girls Kits leave from Yakima for Uganda!

2017-10-11 Transfer Site Yakima (142)In the middle of a crazy busy month of returning about 50 missionaries home after their work here was completed, and receiving about 60 new missionaries, we packed and sent about 1500 beautiful Days for Girls kits to Utah for distribution from there and today we prepared another 1,280 more kits for shipment in a cargo container heading to Uganda to help with the Sudanese refugees there.2017-10-11 zDfG Kits for Uganda (2)There’s something very Yakima-ish sweet about packing kits in apple boxes!  We are in the middle of apple harvest here.  These boxes will protect these kits on their long journey to women and girls desperately waiting for them on the other side of the world.2017-10-11 zDfG Kits for Uganda (5)Gathering finished kits–these are from Wenatchee:2017-9-29 zDfG Kits (4)Some of the kits going to Utah:2017-9-29 zDfG kits (9)Packing kits for Uganda:2017-9-30 DfG Kits (2)2017-9-30 DfG Kits (5)2017-9-30 DfG Kits (8)Sometimes I just feel overwhelmed and exhausted by the goodness that surrounds me.  Thanks to all who are helping us help so many girls in need.2017-9-30 DfG Kits (10)

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