Times are changing. Tracking our Kids.

Several months ago our kids talked us into using an app called Snapchat.  It’s the little white ghosty on the yellow background on my phone.  It took some talking to convince me that a photo that disappeared in 10 seconds was better than no photo at all.  I like to preserve history, not watch it disappear.

If I look at it, considering it like a phone call that comes and goes, and leaves no trace, I can handle it.  Every night right before we go to sleep, we look at our “snaps” and enjoy seeing each of our kids and our grandson.

Another app I’m grateful for is called Find Friends.  I was especially grateful for this one today during our meetings as I watched the progress of Claire, Graham and Aaron, as they drove to us from Utah.  Find Friends (the other yellow back ground app with 2 figures) tracks the location of their phones.  I was able to watch them cruising along the freeway, coming closer and closer to us, until their little dots stopped at the Mission Home while we were still at the Transfer Site.

My excitement grew by the minute, as they approached.  They were here waiting for us when we arrived back at home.  It was a wonderful reunion.  It’s been almost a year since we’ve seen any of our kids!

I’m slow to move into the modern world, but once I get there, I’m grateful for some of these technologies.  I wonder what I and these kids will be doing with our phones a year from now.


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