A Birthday in Yakima!

2018-1-5 z Doc of Christ (29)

It’s a new year and I’m a new age.  I was born on 5 January 1959.  Today I turn 59.  I think that’s a golden birthday, of sorts!

2017 was a wonderful year.  Most of my life is recorded daily on our Mission Blog (2000+ posts) so for now, I don’t often have time to write much here.  In 6 months we return home to our family and friends in Orem.  It’s hard to believe how time is flying by.  This week we Skyped with the couple who will be replacing us.  How well I remember the feelings and anticipation of 3 years ago as we looked forward to coming to Yakima.  It will be hard to step away from this place and the people we love here, and especially the missionaries.

This evening I got a Skype call from a room full of those missionaries in Utah who sang Happy Birthday to me.  We talked about the reunions we’ll have when we get home, and my heart started to race with joy at the thought of it.

I am so grateful for every single loved one surrounding me–here, at home, from my past, and from our missionaries and their families now.  We live in a wonderful time when tools like Facebook alert friends of birthdays.  100s of messages poured in all day today from all over the world.  I’ve heard from childhood friends, Reedley High friends, Book Club friends, neighbors, ward members, my friends in Africa and Germany, and family members.  What a gift it is to be connected!  Today has felt like a little bit of heaven on earth.  My love and thanks to each of you!


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