Will it smother her??

2018-5-2 DfG flannel (6)Whenever I have a free minute, I throw some Days for Girls flannel in the wash.  Today I washed, dried and folded somewhere between 30 and 40 bolts while we planned missionary transfers.  We’ve been on the road for the last month or so, so this was a delightful day for me, at home.

After one of my trips to empty the dryer and load the washer, I returned to the office where John and his assistants were at work.  One of them keeps a little red book in his shirt pocket where he often writes things Pres Lewis says, like big vocabulary words, or like quotes he wants to remember.  Today I caught him writing this in his notebook:2018-5-2 Transfer Planning (4)What a lovely demise that would be!!2018-5-2 DfG flannel (3)2018-5-2 DfG flannel (2)In the coming weeks and months, this flannel will be cut and sewn into feminine hygiene pads for girls in developing countries.  Most of this batch will be going into the most rural corners of Zimbabwe, where it will bless the lives of hundreds of beautiful girls.  Just the thought of it makes me So Happy.2018-5-2 DfG flannel (5)A fallen pile.  Yikes.  Glad I was out of the way!2018-5-4 Transfer Planning Day 3 (6)

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