Our First Missionary Reunion 5 October 2018, Orem

2018-10-5 Mission Reunion (28)Mission Tradition calls for missionary reunions held the weekend of General Conference in October and in April.  Missionaries who’ve served all over the world get together with their Mission Presidents and Mission Moms for these reunions.  We had our first this weekend and it was glorious!  Missionaries came from all over to spend the evening with us and their dear mission friends.

We brought our yearbook and copies of all the mission newsletters, and this beautiful photograph of our Yakima home:2018-10-5 Mission Reunion (73)2018-10-5 Mission Reunion (209)Here are most of those who attended:2018-10-5 Mission Reunion (93)2018-10-5 Mission Reunion (94)2018-10-5 Mission Reunion (95)2018-10-5 Mission Reunion (96)2018-10-5 Mission Reunion (97)2018-10-5 Mission Reunion (98)

We made a set of Rhythm Sticks for each missionary to take home.  This is a game we played with each departing group the night before they returned home.2018-10-5 Mission Reunion (100)Here are all of the notes missionaries wrote to their mothers each time we had interviews.  They would hold the note and I’d photograph it and text it to their moms.   I couldn’t bear to throw these thousands of notes away!2018-10-5 Mission Reunion (210)Here are a few faces of people I love:

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