It’s Great to be a Grandma!

2018-10-15 Kansas City (10)

I’ve just spent a week in Kansas City, Missiouri, with GRANDCHILDREN!  Having been away, I’m still getting used to the fact that I’m a grandma and now I can visit my 2 grandchildren!  This is just about as good as it gets!2018-10-12 Kansas City (8)

2018-10-12 Kansas City (4)

We visited Adam at Kansas City University Medical School:2018-10-12 Kansas City (10)

Adam’s study room and studies:2018-10-12 Kansas City (12)2018-10-12 Kansas City (13)Adam’s food supply before our Costco run:2018-10-12 Kansas City (15)2018-10-12 Kansas City (16)2018-10-12 Kansas City (19)2018-10-12 Kansas City (24)2018-10-12 Kansas City (28)Family love:2018-10-12 Kansas City (34)My comfy spot on the floor:2018-10-12 Kansas City (38)2018-10-13 Kansasa City (5)We read so many books!2018-10-13 Kansasa City (10)2018-10-13 Kansasa City (12)Getting ready for church:2018-10-14 Kansas City (3)Is Josie in there??2018-10-14 Kansas City (6)Squirrel eating Clark’s pumpkins!2018-10-14 Kansas City (7)2018-10-14 Kansas City (12)2018-10-15 Kansas City (4)

2018-10-14 Josie and Clark (21)Farewell to little Josie and this wonderful family!

2018-10-15 Kansas City (9)

This grandma job is pretty fun!  But farewells are getting harder and harder.2018-10-14 Josie and Clark (58)

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3 Responses to It’s Great to be a Grandma!

  1. Sheryl Clark says:

    Three cheers for grandparents, particularly grandma’s! We would have never made it through dental school if they, she, had not come laden with a car full of supplies and made certain I knew where the library was and that the girls had a library card.

  2. Shirley McFedters Hale Aubertine says:

    Ann I was your mother’s college roommate when she was at UCLA. We lived at Rudy Hale. She had a part in our family joining the church. I live in Eugene Oregon now. Many memories!

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