Grandma Grace Rememberies by Granddaughter, Claire Lewis, age 5

Lewis, Claire with Grandma Grace

These words are from Claire right after Grandma Grace’s funeral on 1 Nov 1998:

Grandma had curly yellowish hair.

She liked to take care of us and read stories to us–the girl that rides on the goose (Mother Goose).

She gave us treats: carrots and M&Ms and crackers and cookies and pretzels in a little cup.

We did puzzles with her–the wooden ones–a pumpkin one is my favorite.

She always gave us apple juice from her fridge and applesauce.

She wore flower kind of clothes.

She had pretty flowers around her house–purple and pink and white and yellow.

She had a bird house and stones that we walk on every time by the front door and the hose.

When she died she went in that basket with all the pretty flowers on it.

They showed everybody in the box. Grandma was in it.

Her spirit went up to heaven like our balloons did.

Do balloons have a spirit?

What do you think Grandma Grace is doing right now in Heaven?
She’s looking down at us.

She wants to say “Claire, you look pretty today. Claire, I love you.”

What would you like to say to her if she could hear you?
“I hope you have a nice winter.”

Do the angels help Jesus get the snow down?

Claire wrote: “It snowed today. Christmas is coming. I love you grandma.”
(She made hearts between each word.)

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