Lewis Family Christmas 2018

We had a Wonderful Christmas this year.  It was great to have all the family together, sharing the love.  Here is an overview of how we celebrated:

We picked out and brought home a beautiful tree the first week of December.2018-12-1 (8)2018-12-2 (2)2018-12-2 (9)On December 15th we had a Missionary party here for anyone in the area who could come.  We took a large group to sing carols at a care center, then came back to our home afterwards for hot chocolate and treats.2018-12-15 WYM Light the World (33)2018-12-15 WYM Light the World (38)2018-12-15 WYM Light the World (45)2018-12-15 WYM Light the World (53)

We took our traditional over-night outing to Salt Lake for a nice dinner out and a trip to see the lights at Temple Square.2018-12-17 Family TSq

I attended a South Africa Mission Reunion and got to visit with Sis Lorna Wood, my Mission President’s wife.  Oh, how I love her!2018-12-20 Sis Lorna Wood

Christmas stories are one of my favorite parts of Christmas!  This year baby Josie joined us!2018-12-21 CMS Lewis Family (6)2018-12-22 CMS Lewis Family (4)Oh, how we love this new little one!2018-12-24 CMS Lewis Family (2)

Christmas Eve is my favorite evening of the year!  After singing a Christmas hymn and reading the Christmas story from Luke and Matthew, the kids opened their special gifts.  On Christmas Eve, I prepare a gift of family–something that brings us closer together.  This year each of the kids got the new Bushman Book and DVD from our reunion in Pennsylvania, and I compiled a binder of all of the letters to Santa the kids have written over the years.2018-12-24 CMS Lewis Family (9)2018-12-24 CMS Lewis Family (16)The kids poured over the Santa letters and we all relived the history of gift-giving in our family.  That was Fun!2018-12-24 CMS Lewis Family (28)Claire discovered her first spread sheet.  Her mind has worked in spread sheets since she was little!2018-12-24 CMS Lewis Family (29)

Christmas Morning!2018-12-25 CMS Day Lewis Family (2)Stockings are always first, after sticky buns!2018-12-25 CMS Day Lewis Family (6)2018-12-25 CMS Day Lewis Family (13)2018-12-25 CMS Day Lewis Family (23)2018-12-25 CMS Day Lewis Family (46)2018-12-25 CMS Day Lewis Family (50)Then it’s time to go into the living room where the tree is.2018-12-25 CMS Day Lewis Family (56)There the fun begins!2018-12-25 CMS Day Lewis Family (66)Claire gave me flannel for Days for Girls!2018-12-25 CMS Day Lewis Family (68)Clark was the main attraction!2018-12-25 CMS Day Lewis Family (72)After the gifts, we lounged and read books and played games.2018-12-25 CMS Day Lewis Family (75)2018-12-31 Lewis Family New Year's Eve (3)

Ringing in the New Year, 2019!2018-12-31 Lewis Family New Year's Eve (10)

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