Our 2nd Missionary Reunion

We had such a Glorious evening last night with our missionaries!  It was like a glimpse of heaven to be in one room with so many we love so dearly.  Our mission family is expanding–more and more are returning home after their 2 years or 18 months of service in the Washington Yakima Mission.  Of the 455 missionaries who were there with us from 2015-2018, only about 60 or so are still serving in Washington.  Of those who are home, 104 are married and 28 others are engaged.  So far, we’ve had 8 intra-WYM marriages!  About a dozen of our missionaries have had their first child, and many more are expecting.  We are growing in more ways than one!

Here’s a photo overview of our evening and this wonderful WYM family:

Our reunion was held at the Chatbooks Corporate Offices in Provo, where our daughter works.  It was the perfect fun venue for such a large crowd.  We served a spread of Cafe Rio-type food–sweet pork, beans and rice, tortillas, and lots of toppings–lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, peppers, guacamole and had chips & salsa.  The food was delicious and for dessert we served hot churros and John’s famous chocolate chip cookies.   Our friends in WA send us a case of crisp Washington apples for everyone to enjoy.

Our office couples, the Calls and the Thompsons traveled all the way from Selah and Yakima to be here with our friends.

2019-4-5 WYM Reunion (72)2019-4-5 WYM Reunion (259)

What an amazing feeling it is to be in a room with so many people who love each other.  There’s really nothing like it.  These photos just give a glimpse.  All the photos I took last night are posted in an album on Facebook.


It was pretty much a Perfect Gathering on the eve of General Conference.  My heart is already full!

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