Theodore Comes to Stay!

A few minutes ago the mailman rang my doorbell and handed me this large box covered with postage stamps.  It came from my friend, Star, in North Carolina.  She first contacted me here on 20 June 2016,, leaving a comment about a photo I’d posted of Theodore Turley.

Theodore Turley portrait


She wrote:

I recently purchased a painting that was signed Mary Turley. I believe it is possible that the man in the painting is Theodore Turley and that the painter was his daughter Mary Ann Turley. Does anyone know if she was an artist?

She told me she purchased the painting at a yard sale in North Carolina from a lady named Kathy Leonhard who said it came from her deceased aunt who had lived in an old large house in Thomasville North Carolina.

Our conversations have been delightful over the years, as we have shared findings about Mary Ann Turley and Theodore, trying to solve the mystery of this painting.

Star said she purchased the painting because she loved the look of it.  Then she found the artist’s signature, Mary Turley, and she began researching, wondering if the man in the painting might be Brigham Young, or Theodore Turley.

At some point, I asked Star to remember me if the day ever came when she might be willing to part with the painting.  Now, almost 3 years later, that day has come, and I have purchased the painting.  The mystery still isn’t solved, but I hope in time we will know if the man in this painting is Theodore Turley, my 3rd Great-grandpa.

2019-5-13 TT Painting Arrives (1)

Here is the unveiling:

2019-5-13 TT Painting Arrives (2)2019-5-13 TT Painting Arrives (3)2019-5-13 TT Painting Arrives (4)2019-5-13 TT Painting Arrives (5)2019-5-13 TT Painting Arrives (6)2019-5-13 TT Painting Arrives (7)2019-5-13 TT Painting Arrives (12)2019-5-13 TT Painting Arrives (11)2019-5-13 TT Painting Arrives (9)2019-5-13 TT Painting Arrives (13)

I’m so happy to have this painting where I can see it every day.  I believe the resemblance to Theodore is quite remarkable and hope to continue finding clues about its origin.

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  1. Kris says:

    This is really an exciting genealogical experience. That’s a great painting on its own w/o the history.

  2. Raelene Cutler says:

    That is awesome, Ann, and I too believe it’s Theodore Turley. Finally it’s back home.

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