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I’ve had some fun making pillowcases for Clark and Josie while they’ve been here.  These are quick, easy and fun.   I’ve got to teach these cute kids to love fabric from a young age!


2019-5-30 Pillowcases (2)

2019-5-30 Pillowcases (3)Clark LOVES school buses.  Here’s one more for him:

Clark likes to keep his pillowcases organized!


Then I tried a few travel-sized ones for the car.2019-5-30 Pillowcases (8)2019-5-30-Pillowcases-9.jpg

I also presented Josie with a little quilt, which I’m sure she’ll LOVE!2019-5-28 (6)

I love these little ones.  They are so dear.  It’s fun to have them underfoot for a few weeks!

Here’s a link to a pillowcase tutorial:

How to Make a Pillowcase – Pillowcase Pattern in 3 Sizes

I prefer to cut the narrow accent piece 1″ so it finishes at 1/4″ when it’s done.

Go have some fun making these!

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