A Child’s Pace

2019-6-11 (16)Everything around here has slowed down this month, to a child’s pace, and oh, what a gift that has been!  Clark and Josie have become the center of our lives for a few short weeks while Adam and Heidi are here as Adam prepares for his medical board exams.

Every day is a day of discovery and fun, and we move much slower, enjoying the world around us.  It’s a gift to see the world through the eyes of a child and feel and enjoy God’s beautiful creations–the softness of Lamb’s Ear leaf or the velvet touch of a fragrant rose petal.  We take walks and we we sit and rock on the garden swing, playing “I Spy With My Little Eye.”  All the world is a beautiful wonder! 

I taught Clark to smell the difference between rose petals and an onion stalk.  He was intrigued.  We touched and felt all sorts of flowers and wonders from the garden.

Josie is almost crawling.  I think she prefers quilts to grass!2019-6-10 (93)2019-6-10 (4)

Time with “Gampa” on the neighbor’s trampoline:2019-6-11 (11)

When John’s sister, Berta lived next door at the Farm House, she kept snails as pets.  She fed and watered dozens of them in her home.  Their friends and family have reproduced all over our property (much to our garden’s dismay) and we have been in a losing battle with them ever since.  Now that Berd’s gone, we try to dispose of the snails in kindly ways, but we always seem to have more than our share, and it’s probably thanks to Berta.

Clark has become a snail finder for us.  We try to relocate or send as many as we can to the green waste with our yard cuttings and clippings.  We have a hard time killing them,  knowing Berd is looking down on us from heaven.2019-6-11 (20)

Clark is quite intrigued by these slow-moving creatures who blow bubbles when they’re scared.2019-6-11-17.jpg

“Gampa” taught Clark to drink from the hose and how to water and work in the garden! 

2019-6-20 (6)2019-6-12 (5)2019-6-22 (2)2019-6-24 (5)Oh what a wonder!2019-6-16 (10)

A Popsicle on a perfect summer afternoon!2019-6-19 (5)

Raising the seat up for this big boy!2019-6-20 (3)

We all love popcorn!2019-6-21 (6)

We spent a whole day at Thanksgiving Point at the Dinosaur Museum, the Farm, the Butterfly Arboretum and the Museum of Natural Curiosity.  It was so so much fun exploring these incredible worlds.2019-6-25 (30)2019-6-25 (18)2019-6-25 (5)2019-6-25 (41)2019-6-25 (60)2019-6-25 (85)2019-6-25 (91)2019-6-25 (78)

We arrived home from our Washington Yakima Mission one year ago today.  Coming home to Family is the best thing Ever!  We’ve missed Claire and Graham who have spent the last 5 weeks vacationing in Cambodia and Thailand.  They’ll be home soon to join us for our traditional family vacation to the beach next week.  Aaron is in London for Wimbledon right now–it’s been on his bucket list to see Roger Federer play there before he retires.  This year he made it happen.  Family is the best.  I’m so grateful for our kids and these incredible grandkids who are helping me slow down the pace a bit and enjoy the wonderful creations around us.

2019-6-25 (105)

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  1. Nola McIntyre says:

    Ann, you are incredible! I marvel at how you take the time to record pictures and words in print about the thoughts and experiences of you and your family. What a treasure it will be for your family!

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