Family Trip to Kansas City, 21-28 August 2019

2019-8-21 (3)We decided we had time to get the whole family together once more before we leave, so we packed up the Utah gang and flew to Kansas City before our summer vacation time ended.  We just needed a little more time with the adorable grandchildren and their parents, Adam and Heidi.

Here is where Adam and Heidi live in Kansas City, Missouri:

2019-8-25 (53)

Adam and Heidi’s KC apartment (right side)

At the top of our family list was FOOD.  Particularly Kansas City BBQ!  Joe’s Diner was our first stop on the way home from the airport.2019-8-21 (5)

The next day we visited some important Church History sites in Independence, Liberty and Richmond.  We learned about some of the hardships of the early Saints.2019-8-22 (37)2019-8-22 (28)

This is the Community of Christ worship place.  They call it a temple. You can go there to pray for world peace.

We are always good for a doughnut stop when we’re on vacation!2019-8-22 (53)

Liberty Jail:2019-8-22 (55)

David Whitmer’s grave at the Richmond cemetery: 

Oliver Cowdery’s grave at the Richmond Old Pioneer Cemetery:

Also in Richmond:

River walk along the Missouri River:2019-8-22 (79)

Being Grandparents = the Best Thing Ever.2019-8-23 (5)2019-8-23 (6)2019-8-24 (4)2019-8-24 (11)

We are all here except for Josie who was in the stroller:2019-8-24 (19)Kansas City Public Library:2019-8-24 (42)

Saturday’s Farmer’s Market: 

We found an African grocery store!

2019-8-24 (60)2019-8-24 (74)2019-8-24 (69)

A perfect little family!2019-8-24 (103)More BBQ.  Delicious!2019-8-24 (107)2019-8-24 (110)Sunday at church near the Kansas City Temple:2019-8-25 (2)

Visiting Kansas City University where Adam is learning to be a Doctor:2019-8-25 (15)2019-8-25 (50)Lecture hall:2019-8-25 (13)This technology projects from this huge iPad-sort of thing onto the wall–life-sized body parts and things:2019-8-25 (9)Adam is a Fellow this year.  That means he’s teaching, not being a student.  He is teaching the first year students anatomy.  He spends his days in the cadaver lab.  This is is office:2019-8-25 (29)2019-8-25 (41)

More family time:2019-8-28 (14)2019-8-28 (16)2019-8-28 (12)We had a week with Adam, Heidi, Clark and Josie.  It’s not easy to say goodbye, especially for 2 years.  Can I just say these adorable children are perfect?  They’ll be all grown up when we see them again.  Oh how we love our family!2019-8-28 (26)


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