Timpanogos Storytelling Festival 2019

I’ve just spent two days at the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival at nearby Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah.  Thirty years ago this festival started in Karen Ashton’s backyard.  She invited me then, and she’s invited me every year since.  It was nice to be back in town this year able to attend.  I took some stitching and settled in for hour after hour of wonderful storytelling.Storytelling Festival

Donald Davis is my favorite teller.  He always speaks to my heart.  He’s like a national treasure and he always reminds us to tell our stories and to keep others alive by telling their stories.  He made an interesting comment this time about a tradition in sub-Sahara Africa.  He said to these Africans, there are 3 states of being:  Alive, Dead and the Living Dead.   The Living Dead are those who have passed on but who still have someone on earth who remembers them and talks about them.  I like thinking about what I can do to keep my ancestors alive here.2019-9-6,7 Storytelling Festival (7)Each evening everyone gathered in the amphitheater for a huge storytelling party.2019-9-6,7 Storytelling Festival (8)2019-9-6,7 Storytelling Festival (10)It was magical, restful and insightful to have time to sit and listen and learn and feel and to laugh a lot.  2019-9-6,7 Storytelling Festival (1)

Storytelling Festival.1

I enjoyed these program pages looking back and honoring my dear friend Karen.  Karen and I have been in a weekly quilting group for years.  Our husbands worked together before that.  She is a dear dear friend who is kind and generous.  Last week we bumped into each other in Kansas City where we talked about quilts and family.  This week we shared this wonderful festival.  I’m grateful to have been there with Karen and so many other dear friends.Storytelling Festival.2Storytelling Festival.3

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