Dad’s 89th Birthday and a Visit to Reedley

2019-9-20 Reedley Trip (10)John and I flew to Fresno this week to visit my Dad and Kris in Reedley.  He turned 89 on September 20th.  I gave him the quilt I finished last week called “Worlds Without End.”  Something to remember me by in the coming cooler months.2019-9-20 Reedley Trip (32)

We celebrated Dad’s birthday with his brothers, Henry and Wilfred.2019-9-22 Reedley Trip (21)

My brother, Eric, and Kris’s boys, Kendal and Trevor with their families:2019-9-22 (3)

2019-9-22 (2)

Kendal and Stacey with their kids Addison and his girlfriend and Hayden.

2019-9-22 Reedley Trip (15)

Trevor and Bianca with daughters Nova,

Birthday Boy!  Dad was born 20 September 1930 in Fresno.  He grew up in Reedley.2019-9-22 Reedley Trip (2)

My homeplace:2019-9-22 Reedley Trip (3)2019-9-22 Reedley Trip (4)My mom planted this olive tree when I was about 10 years old.  She’d be happy to see it flourishing now.2019-9-22 Reedley Trip (11)2019-9-22 Reedley Trip (5)2019-9-22 Reedley Trip (6)

Dad and I had time to go through more things for his history.  I was also able to video record quite a few stories from his life.  A lot happens in 89 years.2019-9-21 Reedley (4)We visited the Reedley Cemetery and found Grandpa and Grandma and Dad’s little sister, Ruth.2019-9-20-Reedley-Trip-14.jpg


Dad says he’s got 10 more years in him.  I’m glad for that!  I will miss him these next 2 years while we’re away.2019-9-21 Reedley (2)

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