Things I choose to Avoid

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Here’s a list of a few things I don’t really care for:

Crisco frosting (most frostings for that matter)
Sports Center commentators
Thinking about where I am in a parking structure
Fake–hair, nails, eyelashes, body parts, smiles
Arrogance or prideful people
People who spend because they can, not because they need
Conflict or contention
Caffeine (actually, I’ve never in my life had a caffeinated drink)
Dill pickles
Being late
Radio talk show hosts
Remote controls
Movies where cars crash and people are shot
Bad grammar
Sitcoms, comedians, or anything with canned laughter
Extreme Cold
Watching someone else talk while brushing their teeth
Dancing and loud music
Swearing or taking the Lord’s name in vain

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3 Responses to Things I choose to Avoid

  1. Angela Cottrell says:

    Black licorice
    Road rage
    Feeling incompetent
    Cleaning bathrooms
    Flyers on my car
    Hitting my knee on my bed board
    Most facial hair on men
    Mean-spirited and stupid humor
    Lights left on for no reason
    Wasting water
    Pot holes
    Guys who don’t pull up their pants

  2. Gary McCallister says:

    I did a lot of my research on cockroaches and their parasites, trying to find ways to eradicate them. So they have their uses. 😉

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