Week #2 at the MTC!

2019-10-16 MTC (10)

Last Monday we returned to the MTC for a second fabulous week of training.   I love the MTC.  As a young missionary learning Afrikaans, I was there 15 weeks in 1981-1982 learning and waiting for my visa.  The MTC was my home and I loved being there.  When I returned from South Africa, I returned to the MTC to teach Afrikaans, then to train the missionaries with Welfare Services assignments.  I loved that job.  It was fun to return this week, 38 years later, this time again as a missionary.

Here is a short 8 minute video about what the MTC is like.  You’ll enjoy watching this:

Here is our District–our class.  We stayed together the whole week for most of our training.  We enjoyed these new friends very much.2019-10-17 MTC (31)Here we are this week at the big map where everyone takes their photo next to their assigned area:2019-10-18 MTC (4)2019-10-18 MTC (7)

Here I am October 1981 at the same place, going to the same continent–Africa:Photo0286

We were happy to see Evelyn, our French tutor again!2019-10-17 MTC (45)

John ate quite a few chocolate chip cookies this week.  He’s worried that it may be 2 years before he sees another one!2019-10-15 MTC (2)

I have started a new blog just for this mission experience.  It’s called Our Cote d’Ivoire Abidjan East and Bamako, Mali Mission.  You can find it here if you’d like to check in from time to time:


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