Love from Africa!

2019-10-27 Blankro Branches Re-organized (91)

We are in Abidjan!  We arrived a few days ago and have been busy getting acquainted with this new home.  Next week we hope to go to Mali.  I’ve started a mission blog for these next 2 years where I’ll keep a record of what we are doing.  I’ll check in here too from time to time.  You can find me in Africa at:

Our Cote d’Ivoire Abidjan East and Bamako, Mali Mission 

or at this WordPress url:

My Dad has rallied and has good days and hard days.   He’s able to communicate a bit with pictures and an occasional word, sometimes two.  We keep in touch with messages and prayers.  I love him and am grateful to Kris for taking such good care of him.

I’m so grateful for all the good in this world.  It’s really an amazing thing.  Thanks to each of you for your interest and friendship.  I’m only a click away, still writing my fingers to the bone!

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  1. James Craig McFarlane says:

    I am James Craig McFarlane, son of John Clark McFarlane, who is the son of James McFarlane ane Martha Ann Smuin. I am thrilled to read what you have posted in family search about our family. I am especially interested in the account you posted of memories of my aunt May McFarlane Brinton. As a boy, I visited her many times and she tended me when my parents and older sisters were traveling.
    If I have got it right, we are cousins of some sort.
    Your service in the Church as presented on your blog make me feel a kindred spirit. I have served all my life in Church positions and love the opportunity that service gives me.
    I live in Oregon, retired scientist/professor, currently serving as ward executive sec. and temple worker.. I would love to visit, but my wife’s health makes a trip to Africa impossible.
    Best regards,
    Craig McFarlane

    • Thank you, Craig. We are second cousins, once removed! I’m glad we can share information. I love the piece you just posted about John and Jane Smuin by Harriet McFarlane Millicam. I love learning all I can about these dear ancestors! It sounds like you’ve had a wonderful life. I hope we get to meet someday. I will have to come to where you are–Africa is a bit far!! Thank you for your kind note and for the contributions you make to our family history. I’m so happy to meet you!

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