Claire Prepares for Mali and an OBGYN Expedition

Our attentions have turned back to Mali and helping Claire prepare for her medical expedition.  For the last 3 years, Claire has been working on putting together a group of OBGYN doctors, nurses and scrub techs to go to Ouelessebougou to help women there who suffer from complications of childbirth.  They will focus on prolapsed uteruses, which is a common problem there among women.  A prolapsed uterus is where the uterus hangs outside the body after a child is born.  Many of the women live with this condition, not knowing it can be repaired.

Today we helped Claire and some of her team pack totes of medical supplies.  I filled every spare inch of the totes with feminine hygiene pads to add to the Days for Girls kits our Enterprise in Ouelessebougou is making.  I was able to fit in 7,100 flannel pads  ( they had filled 15 apple boxes) into the cracks and crevices of the totes, padding the supplies!

Claire had 14 helpers going in this medical expedition, but 3 got Covid and will have to stay behind.  Each person will check in 2 totes and take their personal belongings in a back pack.

This picture was taken on January 10th, the day of their departure.  This is the first batch to fly out of Salt Lake.  Others are joining them from other locations.  Bon voyage you amazing people!

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