COVID testing in Abidjan

Our missionary work in the Cote d’Ivoire Mission requires us to travel back and forth between Abidjan and Bamako and each time we fly we’re required to show proof of a negative COVID test.  After only 2 weeks since testing positive, I needed a negative result to allow us to travel to Abidjan for an important trip.  I was told that sometimes it can take up to 90 days to test negative.  Miraculously, my test showed negative and we were able to fly a few days later.

Once in Abidjan, we needed to test again, here at this testing site, to allow us to travel to Accra, Ghana a few days later.  We were taking a group of missionaries to the Accra Temple to receive the gifts of the temple, an endowment of power and blessings given only there.

We arrived at this testing center early and waited in line with our missionaries.

Today after waiting 48+ hours, we received our results:  We were all negative!!  We are good to go.  I feel like a miracle has happened in my life.  We will be allowed to travel to Accra!  It’s also a miracle that I have not infected John.  We are both healthy and well and able to do our work here, grâce à Dieu.

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