Aaron and Abbey are Engaged!!

On 12 November 2021 our son Aaron asked Abbey Pinegar to marry him.  We are thrilled for them.  Abbey will be such a wonderful addition to our family.  She grew up in a wonderful family in Salt Lake City.

Here are things we love about Abbey:

She has an undergraduate degree from BYU in Environmental Science and is now completing a Master’s degree in Comparative Literature.  Her thesis is based on the writings of one of my favorite authors, Wendell Berry.

Abbey loves and respects the wonders of creation and this earth.

Abbey is soft-spoken and kind.  She notices particulars and the underdog.

She has fine taste and dresses with class and comfort.

I could listen to her speaking voice for hours.  It’s beautiful.

She’s a low-maintenance gal.  No frills, no primping, no la-de-da.  She’s a natural beauty.

She has a quiet nature and she loves to read.

She’s a dedicated exerciser, up early every single morning to work out.

She really really loves her family.  I hope she will learn to love us too.

We had a fun dinner out at our favorite Mexican place to celebrate Aaron and Abbey’s engagement.  They will marry in the spring.


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