Grandpa Santa hard at work! A Play Kitchen!

John’s been out in the garage assembling a little kitchen for Clark, Josie and Margot, who will arrive with their family this week.  We are so excited we can’t stand it.  Christmas with little children is the best thing in the world.

Building this kitchen has taken a few days, a bit here and a bit there.  I think we are all as excited as we hope the kids will be!

We decided not to wait for Christmas–we’d miss out on a whole week of play time, so this evening while the kids were away, we brought it into the family room and filled the cupboards with some play food and dishes.  Heidi wrote a little note from one of Santa’s Elves to the kids, telling them this is an early present because they’ve been so good.  It was just the perfect thing, especially for Josie.  She squealed with each discovery!


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