Cabin Time After Christmas

Why is being snowed in at a cabin and snuggling under a quilt so heavenly?  We spent the week after Christmas at Sundance with all of the kids.  The big kids did a good amount of skiing and I did a good amount of doing puzzles and reading stories to the littles.

Josie always wants to see what her “princess hair” looks like, so once it’s combed, she insists on seeing a picture of it.

We were snug and warm inside while it was cold and snowy outside.  Skiing conditions were as close to perfect as it gets.  Clark loved it and by the end of the week, he was a pro.

On the afternoon of New Year’s Eve, Heidi’s family joined us.  Adam and the big kids made a killer sledding run from the driveway all the way down the hill beside the cabin.  The kids had a grand time sledding (and also jumping off the cabin into the snow drifts).

It was a beautiful week in a winter wonderland.  We love it here.   We love our family.

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