Taking Down the Tree

We put it off as long as we could.  Today we unfrocked the tree.  It always makes me sad, remembering the excitement and magic that filled the air as each ornament was hung and each Nativity was arranged.  This room was made for Christmas and the joy it brings.  Undoing it all always makes me feel sad.

A pot of chicken soup on the stove helped cheer our spirits.  This is a family favorite.  Here’s how I make it:

Stew a rotisserie chicken from Costco in half a pot of water.  Let it simmer for at least an hour to make a delicious broth.  Season with extra bullion (to taste) (I like the wet fresh bullion), dry onion and poultry seasoning.   To give the broth some body, I add one can of cream of chicken soup and about a cup of dry potato flakes.  Then I add carrots, potatoes, corn and add some frozen peas just before serving.  Salt and pepper until it tastes just right.  Serve on a cold January day.


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