Claire and Graham’s Departure for Connecticut

Last night we went next door to help Claire and Graham finish packing up their lives, emptying all their things from every room, every shelf and every drawer.  They fit what they could into their suitcases and back packs, and the rest was carried up to the attic for safe keeping here.

Adam and Heidi lived here in the Farm House for 4 years, Claire and Graham have been here about the same, now we are getting ready for Aaron to move in with his roommate, Jason, who will have to move out when Aaron and Abbey get married in a few weeks.

We have so many happy memories in this place.  I wonder sometimes if this will be our home some day, when we downsize.  I would like that (except for missing my sewing room).

This morning we took them to the airport and sent them off.  Another chuck of my heart has been torn out, but we will see them soon, for all of the wedding festivities in April.

Moving across the country with 4 suitcases, 2 carry ons and 2 back packs.

And they’re off!

Last wave from down below!

Here’s what they’re leaving behind for now–some boxes of books, some clothes, some kitchen things, some toiletries, and a few odds and ends:  The Life of Claire and Graham, boxed.  We will MISS them.

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