A Chopped Snake Scrap Quilt

I’ve had a nice morning in my sewing room. I’m still organizing things. Today I found the “snake” quilt I worked on with Claire when she was little.  It was her first sewing project.  I used this quilt to teach Claire and her friends how to sew.  They’d come over for sewing lessons and we’d set up a few machines in my sewing room. You can’t make a mistake with this one–you just sew pieces together in long rows we called “snakes.”

I cut the scraps for these snakes into 4.5″ pieces of different widths and filled baskets of these pieces to be sewn together into the long snakes.  The girls didn’t have to sew straight or match anything as they got used to using the sewing machines.

The snakes are then cut into 4.5″ squares and these strippy squares are rotated vertically, then horizontally  and sewn back together.  It’s a fun, messy sort of scrap quilt that makes me happy as I remember the projects that the scraps came from.  It’s such a great way to use up leftover bits and pieces.

Today I got a little carried away going through the mounds of scraps that have piled up on my table. I also have a big drawer full of bags of scraps from years gone by. I spent an hour or more sorting through them quickly pulling out anything that would be good to throw into the snake quilt. It’s a memory quilt with bits and pieces of all the quilts I’ve made over the years.

I filled a big bin with scraps to cut into 4.5″ pieces, then started cutting them.  I have a LOT of scraps. I never throw anything away, down to 1″ pieces. I’m a fabric hoarder and I love it.

I’ve been adding snakes to the pile.  It doesn’t take long to sew 2 pieces together, chaining them through the machine.  Then you sew the twos together , then the fours together, then eights and so forth.  Before you know it, you’ve made another snake.

I press the seams all one direction (this was also good practice for Claire and her friends).

I’m going to try to catch up and then keep up with scraps as they multiply.  Who knows how many of these quilts I’ll make.  They’ll be good for picnics and sporting events and keeping warm, surrounded by fun memories of the finer quilts in our home.

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